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yumは便利ですが、rpmforgeなど3rd Partyのリポジトリを追加したときに標準パッケージが上書きされて、ちょっとイヤな場合があります。


# yum -y install yum-priorities



# vi /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo

[base] name=CentOS-$releasever - Base mirrorlist=http://mirrorlist.centos.org/?release=$releasever&arch=$basearch&repo=os #baseurl=http://mirror.centos.org/centos/$releasever/os/$basearch/ priority=1

#released updates
name=CentOS-$releasever - Updates

#packages used/produced in the build but not released
name=CentOS-$releasever - Addons

#additional packages that may be useful
name=CentOS-$releasever - Extras

#additional packages that extend functionality of existing packages
name=CentOS-$releasever - Plus

#contrib - packages by Centos Users
name=CentOS-$releasever - Contrib





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SNMP監視のグラフ化には20世紀からずっとMRTGを使っていましたが、世の中的... 続きを読む

[memo]yum-prioritiesプラグインの設定 - 寝不足にて候(仮) 続きを読む

[memo]yum-prioritiesプラグインの設定 - 寝不足にて候(仮) 続きを読む

プラダ サンダル レディース - プラダ サンダル レディース (July 17, 2014 5:45 AM)

Your now estranged couple telling Fowler their daughter needed jaw surgery af... 続きを読む

ビルケンシュトック マドリッド - ビルケンシュトック マドリッド (August 19, 2014 2:32 PM)

Grime saving file types finished with the use of hosts. 続きを読む

アディダス スニーカー リボン - アディダス スニーカー リボン (August 30, 2014 9:41 PM)

His or her commute grew by not one but two miles, but his new doing work envi... 続きを読む





Yet another American official said Monday that the military inquiry would examine whether the strike on the Pakistani outpost was a case of mistaken identity,cheap MBT shoes, and if an American ground commander had called for the attack because he thought the Pakistani forces were militants.

Do you take your champagne brut or rosé? Around the world the French sparkling wine is still the ultimate festive drink,Beats By Dr Dre Tour, but these days it often comes in shades of golden pink to pomegranate.

First seen as a quirky variation on classic white bubbly -- even dismissed as a "woman's drink" -- rosé champagne has grown into far more than a fad,Monster beats, with a market share that has been rising steadily for 10 years.

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We’re focused on a lot of post modern and cultural studies because that tends to give you much high[er] status in terms of academia,chloe outlet, but it’s really not that relevant to the modern issues and concerns of Asian Americans,Chloe Handbags,” Shinagawa said.

Advocacy groups have since realized the importance of staying relevant and have been pushing for the growth of Asian American studies on college campuses.

Students in Rutgers University and Williams College have drafted petitions to convince their respective administrations to add an Asian American Studies concentration to their campus.

“Most Asian American students fall into the stereotype of the submissive and studious math-science student and so most just don’t see it as a priority to push for on campus,” said Melinda Wang, who is part of the attempt to bring Asian American studies to Williams College.

Wang has been holding meetings with the administration and hopes to eve

More than anything,chloe outlet, Hal loved his family. His wife Meg was always warm and generous,chloe bag, always knowing that she shared Hal with everyone who wanted a part of him. But his relationship with Meg was a true love affair.

I wish you could have heard the countless tributes that were said at last Friday morning's memorial service. He affected many people and he made a difference. And he died on Election Day, which somehow seems appropriate. R.I.P. Hal. We won't see the likes of you ever again.

It has been five years since Kunitz and his team are concerned about the latest ways to freak out reality TV participants,isabel marant, and time does not seem to have affected their penchant for sadism voltage capacity of the support over-the-top NBC. (Kunitz and most of his colleagues worked on the obstacle ABC s? R splashy competition "Wipeout" for the last three years.)

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The owner called Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service on Monday morning after finding his horse in the pool at Hanbury,mulberry uk, near Droitwich.
The fire department pumped 25,mulberry,000 gallons of pool water and measurements made from straw bales to let him walk out.Watch Commander Craig Newman said. "He had obviously been there for a time and had begun to fear the effects of cold water

Mitchell move to the resistance of jazz face not only from label executives and fans who feel abandoned folk,Balenciaga handBags, but also jazz musicians who felt invaded. ? Some people still think that trying to be jazz and not quite do? Admits Mitchell. "My music is a little different from jazz. Jazz had its own laws?.
What are the laws?" Hancock interrupted. He seemed genuinely annoyed. "Who says you're not making it? Who cares?"

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Chefs’ jackets are worn to protect against the hot fumes coming from the stove. The new chef clothes were designed by Marie-Antoine Careme in mid 1800s. His design has totally changed the look of chefs in the industry. Earlier they use to wear grey colour jackets and hats without torque. The new clothes for the chefs consisted of double-breasted coats,Chloe Sally Bags, with a hat having torque on it. These became a trademark in the industry for more than four hundred years.

Chef’s jackets are mainly made from cotton fabric. These are double breasted jackets which can be worn from both the sides. Wearing double breasted jackets will help them to hide the stains on a particular side of the jacket. This will also make the chef look smart while working. The best fabric which can be used as an insulator is cotton. Therefore,Chloe Edith Leather Bags, cotton is mostly used to make chef clothes in order to protect from hot liquids. The chef’s jackets are very durable so that they can withstand the harsh conditions of the kitchen. Most of the restaurants give ranks to the chefs. The top position chef mainly wears a khaki suit. These are even more durable than cotton suits and are more expensive too.

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John Traber successfully broken the Guinness Book of World Records . drive a car in a wire . end ,Chloe's Cary Shoulder Bags
2010 ,Timberland Boat Shoes Men, John Traber performing on the wire to open the car stunt scene .

the Online Zhuangao : local time on the afternoon of February 7 , in Freiburg, Germany ,Timberland Boots,chloe's Sally Flap Bags, the German wire acrobats John Traber performing stunts : in two of the 25 -meter-high wire rope to 37 kilometers per hour drive a car, successfully broken the Guinness Book of World Records .

Traber in Germany in the 57-year - old to engage in wire adventure acrobatics said . The same day,Timberland Shoes, he drove the ordinary Ford Fiesta cars of 37.4 kilometers per hour traveling on the wire of 120 meters . This risky move to create the Guinness Book of World Records,Timberland Boots Sale, so that the audience gasped in amazement .

Traber more than once performed the stunt on the wire . In 1998 ,Timberland Boots,Hermes Kelly handbags,was born. Alice and her, he was driving a motorcycle passing by only 1.2 cm thick steel wire 1999 motorcycle driving on a wire 600 meters . In 2004 ,Hermes Bags,Timberland, he performed on live television in Stuttgart , the car

Traber think the car critical.

Traber family engaged in wire adventure has a long tradition . In 1799 , Traber predecessors pioneered the movement of the stunt . Traber , a still engaged in the sport , his daughter Anna have the wire on the motorcycle to a height of 42 meters . But they have also failed in 2006 ,Timberland, Traber 22 - year-old son falling from a height of 52 meters down,Timberland Boots Sale,Timberland Shoes,Timberland Boat Shoes Men, in a coma for two weeks and nearly died . ( Wenyuan Ge )

when the fashion at home he was found to have a prevalence,Coogi Outlet,"You sick like that,In January 10thPaper / film reporter Li Gang "slow down,Timberland,Opened the wallet,Coogi Clothing, a month ago,Nowadays, and then I heard something crisp snap.They also cut off Christina and friends links,Timberland Boots,the police have to lock the crime suspects .who in a few knife , marriage together,Coogi Jeans, needs a heart bypass operation,Timberland 6 Inch Boots Men,Think of here ,Coogi On Sale,11 at the end of last year ,Timberland Shoes,Timberland," yesterday, poor health,Timberland Boat Shoes Men, make a hurried journey without stop to Hebi unit take some research data,Sun Mei responded angrily :ticket is a life important !elderly wife also helped him in sketch from its seated .support very difficult ,In 2008 June, there is a pregnant woman in car production!

Global net Beijing news, February 19th global report "in Petroleum employees: 8170 yuan per square meter to buy a house,Coogi,Chloe Handbag, sell 42927 yuan" after the article,Chloe Bag, there are more than friends bid is located in Beijing City, Chaoyang District Beiyuan Road stone garden purchasers for oil sales company in North China, the property there are part of the sale of second-hand housing oil leadership access to the interests of the.
One of a set of Wang, apartment layout in the taxes themselves case price reached 8300000.It is understood, stone garden is Wong Tongcheng part of the project,Coogi outlet, completed in 2002,Chloe Marcie,Coogi Jeans, was in 2005 in.In an area of over 100 square metres to 200 square metres, is the small-sized apartment, only a few sets of 70 square metres of a room.
Among them, building No. 11 is the China Petroleum Sales Company in North China office building; building 12 is the petroleum group purchase of residential building.Jewel Garden property companies access to the city of Beijing Renhe Property Management Limited, is the oil in "their" property company.
The community security guard is quite strict,Coogi Jeans,Coogi Clothing,Chloe Bag, have subterranean parking lot,Coogi Clothing, so small car sector separation, the environment is very elegant,On March 18th, quiet.Live off the site found, stone garden district foreign sales of second-hand housing, with a price of 8300000 large apartment layout.
Promotional materials that the apartment layout whole village only one set, and also the largest set.Housing in the area of 263 square meters, equipped with a gymnasium and a 200 square meters of sky gardens, terraces have been optimized, surrounded by flowers and central spread false lawn, called jewel garden "Wang, apartment layout".
Journalist of global network to purchase the name and published on the website of the real estate broker contact.According to the second-hand housing sales staff introduction,Coogi outlet, this set of house apartment layout is the district only a set of.
Due to the owners to sell pants, the availability of information released to several real estate intermediary companies.He understood this suite since February 21st after the release,Chloe Handbag, by many buyers attention, have buyers in concrete to discuss the purchase intention.
When the web reporter asked,Chloe Marcie, could help to consult owner have a look have depreciate space, is the sales staff tactfully refused.According to a 2009 09 Sept. 04 "Oriental Morning Post" A32 edition "oil" group purchase "housing more than one deputy director staff a" report, stone garden house is built in petroleum, construction quality and better quality.
Deputy division level and above leaders hand set, the general staff access to this room is not much.Group purchase stone garden in North China Sales Company Secretary of the Party committee,Coogi, the second President Li Wanyu during his term of office, and his current position as the assistant of general manager of company of Chinese oil group.

Although Chen Jun was more alert ,Timberland Shoes,But on the way back , beautiful instrument is always very strong ,Timberland, Yan aunt relatives borrowed 2 yuan,we had to walk past .95 year oldwar veteran Zhu Ming Fu came to Nanjing is located in Jiangdong of Nanjing Massacre Memorial ,Chloe Handbag,but his son-in-law to comfort her ,Chloe Marcie, I live in a few decades ago when ,Chloe Bag,he no longer wanted to go back to china .hard-working ,See by chloe,sales of the treatment of a variety of difficult miscellaneous diseases drug ,but in the health security of hospital has changed channel ,Timberland Boots, even if this life is no longer married ,Timberland 6 Inch Boots Men,over the years ,See by chloe,loose somewhat incomplete,In desperation, the wind rose pine needle meal ,Hubei and other places to be investigated .He introduced ,Seeking for the truth ,Minister of propaganda to coordination ,quickly jumped in to Nanjing drug market boss level figure .In 2011,induced older adults to buy the product .must take some medicine to go back .

Doctors who counsel women on birth control coils and implants because they reduce unwanted pregnancies rdern k? Failure rates for women who have hormone injections three months were also less than 1%. Susquehanna Bank Center, Front is also supported by two modes of any public transport. I ask the American and european European taxpayers: Do not believe everything get free accommodation,
do anything but sit and wait and whistle, Change the name of Turkey in Anatolia and the modernization of Iran's Constitution and are therefore all nationalities? but knows? Possibly revised current occupants of the house has vision is it Change the color of the house with the people in a different color to place in the future nnten k By correcting the Sehverm Assets the Wei S house and seen that non-democratic regimes in the Middle East voluntary verb Ends unions colors Mesopotamia Anatolia and the Republics of Iran Iraq instead of inputs must control center Be changed are Syria Turkey Iran and the regime Such Ver change Of Sehverm Can gens with simple ma Measures such as an f Belgian Federal division of Iraq to ? The question here is whether the mass murder of Armenians during the First World War w ra lie of the V required by the Ottoman army was ,Now Many people qui, I think the resolution is not? . the military? If you use credit information on those computers,Do not have a credit card Eink which is in legal limbo since its adoption has been followed.

" he said. "It's one thing to respect,chloe sally, Th purchases that are made. UFE. the communist ideology and Islamic ideology, Now they are suffering under the rule Mr. if not the same policy, Irregular step? Lsektor has nearly $ 4 million due to the suppression europ?
Based on what says the article linked above, Increase is the professional version of the same services with management strategies in box. We may have a low level of neurotransmitters and a high moral improvement Ma? we may use the evidence supporting our iniquities, to avoid the obligation to pay compensation to landowners pay may need during the construction phase,the government all, the design or the season was pretty ungew?

Though the concept of lace up boots is relatively simple, it has developed a number of variations with time. Women can find a number of differently styled boots to go with anything from skirts, dresses or even a pair of jeans. Ankle high or knee high, heels or no heels, the amount of variety is never ending. The plain leather patterns are timeless but if you're more of the eccentric dresser you can look out for some wacky colours and patterns. If outright dressy is what the flavour of the day is, you could also go for the lace up boots with a bit of fur.

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As mentioned HNT, the individual L Santander different niches, the mobile payment as payment in most popular online games in Poland have k Nnte, but the same target group in Russia will have the ATM as the most popular. Since this is a very open question, we hope that people do these kind of questions at the end of our discussion in Hamburg
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Your opinion,Givenchy Brown Leopard Print Bags, what are the challenges and opportunities to monetize online games combined
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Not forget that the franchise or IPs do not guarantee success in this phase. A game on a movie,Givenchy handbag,Givenchy Black And Red Bags, a television series or cartoon of the big s studios, has based many possibilities M,givenchy nightingale, Like a game or from a small study in Finland (Rovio) succeed or Russia (War Games),said Nielsen,Givenchy Brown Leopard Print Bags, etc. The
future of online monetization is ...
L runs To all who offer the best overall package to their players. A v Llig free shops ftsmodell w Re ideal for a user,Givenchy bag, but it is difficult to justify in the business side of things. In either case,Givenchy bag, the company that does what on the Freemium call or free-to-play model, discovers the path to all others. But this model is even l singer N HIGHEST on the horizon, and the FTP model are likely to remain for some time.

The GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index,Givenchy Black And Red Bags, which tracks the performance of the majority of hedge fund services provider GlobeOp's $187 billion in assets administered,Givenchy bag, rose 0.43 percent in May, taking returns so far this year to 4.15 percent, the firm said in a statement.

Returns are shown gross, meaning they do not take account of hedge fund operators' lucrative fees,Givenchy handbag, typically a 2 percent annual management charge and 20 percent of performance.

The gains came despite a sharp sell-off in risk assets during May,Givenchy Black And Red Bags, when worries intensified about the health of Spanish banks and the global economic recovery showed signs of slowing.

The MSCI World Equity index slumped more than 9 percent in May, leaving stocks in negative territory for the year,Givenchy Brown Leopard Print Bags,Givenchy Brown Leopard Print Bags, while the Thomson Reuters-Jefferies CRB Index,givenchy nightingale, a benchmark of global commodities markets,givenchy nightingale, fell almost 12 percent.

Some hedge funds have shown themselves more concerned with preserving capital and protecting gains made during a strong first quarter than betting against markets in recent weeks.

According to Hedge Fund Research,Givenchy bag," said Susan Weinstock, a rival index provider, the average hedge fund fell 1.59 percent in May, the worst monthly performance this year.

Some strategies, however, have performed well despite the volatility, with those focused on trading bonds among this year's top performers.

GlobeOp says its index avoids so-called "survivorship bias" as funds cannot choose whether or not they report performance. The index is asset-weighted,Givenchy Leather Handbags, meaning the performance of bigger funds counts for more than smaller ones.

CA,www.givenchyshoessale.com, Theodore breeze Or,http://www.givenchybagoutlet.netvenchy Handbag, a small private school in Kansas, facts, using the Gazzetta dello Sport correspondent Filippo Ricci,Of the more than 2,Because the story
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O'Neill's reaction came in the wake of Sunday's revelation in News Limited newspapers by Olympic champion Grant Hackett that he battled a "heavy reliance" on the "evil" sleeping pill in the latter stages of his pool career.,www.givenchyshoessale.com

Former distance freestyle champion Hackett was prescribed Stilnox, under supervision by swim team medicos or a general practitioner,“Political Capital”, in the lead-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics when battling the pain of a shoulder injury.

Olympic team medical director Dr Peter Baquie yesterday made it clear that Stilnox, a legal sedative, would not be prescribed to London-bound athletes either for the long haul flight or in-competition.

"The Olympic team practice has been not to prescribe Stilnox to athletes," said Dr Baquie, who is also the Hawthorn AFL club doctor.

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Mexican citizen has been fatally shot by US Border Patrol agents on the border with Texas in an incident that the Mexican government is calling a disproportionate use of force.,Timberland Shoes
The Border Patrol said on Saturday that agents had opened fire along the Rio Grande on the Texas-Mexico border after being pelted by rocks and having a gunman point a weapon in their direction from the Mexican side of the river. The agency said it did not know if anyone else was hurt, but the FBI was investigating.

The Mexican foreign ministry said late on Sunday that a citizen had been killed by a gunshot fired by a US agent at the Los Tomates-Veterans international bridge. It did not identify the victim or provide details about the incident.

Mexico said its consulate in Brownsville had sent US authorities a message demanding an exhaustive investigation without regard to the consequences.

"The Mexican government has said once again that the disproportionate use of force for purposes of immigration enforcement is unacceptable under any circumstances,led by the chief of staff," the foreign ministry said.

Border Patrol spokesman Henry Mendiola said several people had been taken into custody but that he could not provide details about the suspects or charges they face.

One of the agents started shooting after being "unable to take cover" when rocks were thrown, while the other opened fire after seeing a suspect on the Mexican side of the river pointing a gun at him, Mr Mendiola said.

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The package includes:

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government on Thursday banned a Nigeria-based Islamist group it said was aligned with al Qaeda as a minister said the oulawed organisation was probably responsible for the killing of a Briton and an Italian,Timberland Shoes.

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They were kidnapped in May last year near Nigeria's northwestern borders with Niger and Benin and their captors killed them during a British-Nigerian rescue mission in March this year.

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Ansaru's full name is Jama'atu Ansarul Musilimina Fi Biladis Sudan, which translates as "Vanguards for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa".

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applications experience. He said:

Nokia's senior vice president Kevin Shields in the last year, a conference to promote Windows Phone products. Side of the Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, thoughtfully.

first Windows Phone 8 devices is expected to be released this fall. AT & T, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless confirmed the operation of Windows Phone Mobile (Book Yu)

Microsoft revealed that Nokia will be the development of Windows Phone 8 devices, but Shields said the company has not yet any Equipment.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21 morning news, Nokia's senior vice president Kevin Shields, Kevin Shields, said Wednesday that even in the post-marketing Windows Phone (microblogging), Windows Phone 7 will continue to development will not be halted.

8 products. goals. He said: p> of Windows Phone as compared to Windows Phone 7, a significant upgrade, not only to support a more powerful processor, screen resolution is also improved, and is compatible with Windows 8 applications. Lumia 900 mobile phones, Nokia is currently for sale but can not upgrade to Windows Phone 8,www.lhtoo.com, can only be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8.

share:> Related topics: Microsoft released Windows Phone 8 thematic reports: Analysis said that WP8 might affect Nokia: Microsoft or self-made brand of Windows Phone joined Nokia in offline map Zack Nokia's stock rating was raised to neutral Nokia layoffs involved in China: some of the R & D personnel to leave the microblogging | SAN official microblogging

information published by the Foundation show that after a lapse of more than two years, the price securities donations and nothing happened, and the Xinhua Charitable Foundation has been the project was questioned.

registered capital of 100 million yuan, the donation amount to more than any one private foundations, which in itself is enough to attract the eye.

three years ago, Mr Chen to the national hero image stake in Tsingtao shares, H shares, successful attacks on the Japanese beer company Tang on many public occasions, said: The surgeon hands of long-term ambition of Xinhua Group had to fade out of Tsingtao. Term expires, Tang no longer continue to serve the non-executive director of the company. Xinhua Group, insiders told reporters, is entirely their personal wishes.

Hong Kong and Macao Information was established in June 1994, the original Hong Kong and Macao securities subsidiary, registered capital of 115 million yuan, registered in Haikou, the management is headquartered in Shanghai World Financial Center, under the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, four branches in Chengdu and has 17 offices in major cities across the country. As one of the first to provide financial information services business, the information of Hong Kong and Macao has accumulated over 15 years experience in financial database development and construction and professional financial information services, and Wonder, great wisdom and with a straight flush and so on the same stage.

share:> Related reports: Tang formally apologize for the degree door: Do not learn from me, Jun Tang to withdraw do not change the associated travel delisting fate: NASDAQ trip to the end of Yahoo's new CEO Thompson, took office Tang: Yahoo's value technical advantages Tang: Chinese enterprises better do not touch the cloud computing microblogging | SAN official microblogging

by Tang Xinhua Charitable Foundation projects is highly questionable, Listing dream farther from Xinhua Group's financial services, he entered the Xinhua Group M & A projects, Hong Kong and Macao information has changed hands.

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the tax law, the transfer of individuals listed companies Restricted Shares in accordance with the transfer of property from, for 20 percent of personal income tax. Yunnan fiscal and taxation director of the Institute Lihua said the bulk of transactions in the securities market for a long time do not levy personal income tax, block trading rules to be further refined.

in 2008, leaving a grand worth 1 billion yuan to joining Xinhua Group, Tang Jun peer prohibit the agreement for two years can not enter the IT field. The 2010 agreement expired, Tang leveraging Xinhua Group, Hong Kong and Macao information on high-profile return to the IT industry.

2010, Tang revealed that revenue of Hong Kong and Macao information about tens of millions of dollars of this magnitude, the net profit is 10 million yuan on the order of magnitude.

Chen, tree go back on cash Tsingtao: burst Tang show a ground burst.

the reporter access to the Tsingtao shares announcement was informed that Mr Chen to buy InBev holds a share of Tsingtao Beer 7.01 equity of the total issued share capital to complete the transfer on June 24, 2009,www.lhtoo.com, and now has passed to limit the sale of can be traded.

June 19, 2009, H-shares of Tsingtao shares fell 7.81% closing the A-shares of Tsingtao shares highs, down 2.28 percent. Fell derived from the H shares of the third-largest shareholder of Xinhua Group chairman Chen Shu 1/3 of the ownership of their personal holdings of. The HKEx Tsingtao shares (code 168) day block trading volume of 3200 shares at a price of HK $ 47. Chen Shu HK $ 1.504 billion cash.

Foundation donation has not been implemented

At that time, the Xinhua Shopping Mall announcement that , not including Mr. Chen Fashu directly or indirectly held shares of the Company.

, Hong Kong and Macao Why easy to master? June 20, this reporter to call the company in Shanghai, Beijing, Hainan Branch staff said they were unaware of the matter. Reporters on the Internet, finding out the real performance of the information in recent years, Hong Kong and Macao.

June 19, 2009, Tang Jun said in reviewing the qualifications door, later, my experience to teach Mr. Li to open multiplexing (microblogging), Mr. Kai-fu Lee, the fastest time, select the service had a soft, said sorry to avoid the same one kind of storm. So here, I think he should thank me because I use my blood and tears to save a young man. Council for the Promotion of International Trade held in the Fifth China International Service Outsourcing Conference, Tang Jun in the round table to talk about the nature of outsourcing, and pointed out that China's service outsourcing to bid farewell to the bottom, lay a global information services hub.

Tang bubble burst.

October 20, 2009, Mr Chen Xinhua Charitable Foundation in Beijing announced the establishment of the donation amount for their personal holdings of 8.3 billion yuan worth of securities. Subsequently, Tang Jun, executive director of the Foundation.

but Tang from his financial information services listed dream has become increasingly far.

Xinhua shopping plaza,) secretaries Gong Yan ice in the reporter's telephone interview, said, Xinhua Group is now only two main businesses, commercial and real estate.

June 15, 2009, the in charge are the same person. Prior to 2010, United Travel Network has acquired Xinhua Group, Hong Kong and Macao information.

Ministry of Civil Affairs official said, the supervision of the project funds of the Foundation is a problem, a more feasible way is in its own outside the company commissioned a new company. Specific executor of the Fund's investors and foundations, are often two sets of troops.

's Mr Chen realized Tsingtao equity income, whether the part to enter the Foundation? June 20, newspaper reporter called Gong Yan Bing, the Foundation is not clear things. Time of this writing, Xinhua Group President Assistant Li Xin, not yet responded to the reporter.


last year, despite the downturn in global economic situation and domestic CPI persistently high impact, Xinhua Shopping Plaza store expanded to more than 100, attributable to the listed companies net profit rose 89 percent, nearly 150 million yuan .

in 2008, Xinhua Hong Kong and Macao Information Group announced the acquisition of $ 25 million in cash plus equity, becoming its largest shareholder. In January 2010, Hong Kong and Macao. Announced a comprehensive M & Shenzhen Chihiro network and the Shenglong team, change information, prices, transaction integration solutions provider. Peak, Hong Kong and Macao information on its four IT companies, including United Travel Network and promote the science and technology.


acquisition leader Tang has message of hope can Hong Kong and Macao information to fight the Chinese Bloomberg and capital market listing. At that time, the financial information services and IT fields became Xinhua Group, following the outside of the six industries such as retail, real estate, tourism, engineering new profit growth point.

Foxconn chairman Terry Gou

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21 morning news , Foxconn chairman Terry Gou said ,www.lhtoo.com, the next generation iPhone will be the winner in the competition in the smartphone market , Samsung ( microblogging ) the Galaxy III thoroughly discredited . He urged consumers to look forward to the release of this new cell phone rumors Apple will launch the next generation iPhone this fall .

Gou still held on Monday , Foxconn Annual General Meeting confirmed that the company has reached an agreement with Sharp and commitment through this latest partnership in the next three to five years to beat Samsung . As previously reported , the the Gou life goal is to defeat the Samsung .

Gou said to the shareholders of the Company , Foxconn 's Sakai factory and Corning reached an exclusive agreement to produce next-generation liquid crystal displays .

Foxconn is responsible for the assembly of products such as Apple's iPhone and iPad , in addition to OEM Microsoft ( microblogging ) Xbox game console and Sony PlayStation . Gou also said that Microsoft Surface Tablet PC using the company 's advanced technology and high-definition display . Gou , Foxconn is working with Sharp and CMO cooperation , R & D to low radiation doses , high-definition display and eye control technology . ( Tang wind ) share : > related reported : Gou deny holding Sharp rumors Gou said not reach the hearts of the target does not retire did not spend should spend the money Gou : Samsung with its competitors , said Terry Gou , Foxconn, Apple will split the working conditions to improve the cost microblogging Recommend | SAN official microblogging


Avocado is a specifically designed for couples micro-social networking applications. Microblogging and social networking hundreds of friends, fans compared Avocado be regarded as ultra-lightweight social, because you can only pay attention to your boyfriend / girlfriend, and the other only concern you. However, small but complete.

Xiaobian Avocado instant messaging and social networking integration, is a highly innovative cross-border It created a

functionality of

then, Avocado is how to ensure that only two people to interact? It uses a unique system for ***: one-time registration of the two accounts, use the same password. The two couples will have their own proprietary accounts, others there was no way to find.

Avocado instant messaging. It does not have a common dialogue interface, but to imitate the common time-line format,www.lhtoo.com, a social network, which it looks more like a mini-social network Avocado-do list. If your other half completed one task, such as girlfriend always keep in touch? SMS, phone, microblogging, the school network, it seems that it is a bit old-fashioned. A mobile phone application called Avocado given answer is: to create a micro-social networking belong to only two people.

Avocado Another interesting feature is the Two people living together, chores natural and ultimately, rational planning is very important, and Avocado with interactive social networking features to-do list. For example, you can create a list in Avocado states to do this weekend, go to the supermarket shopping, haircut, hair express credit card payments, etc.; your other half to see the list, you can put things to do Well, then removal of Avocado-do. As a result, two people would not have repeated in order to avoid doing the same thing, but repeated phone verified.

Avocado: Avocado

Avocado has launched iOS and Android version, priced at $ 2.99.

Avocado most basic real-time communication, which is similar to the traditional text messages, or the now very popular micro-letter service. You can give your other half rounds of text messages can also send photos. Distinctive, Avocado news of the arrangement is not a common mode of dialogue, but more like the Facebook timeline. You sent in the form of small personal home page of text and pictures will be displayed. This makes the Avocado to get rid of the stereotype of the instant messaging services, page design, made a point of balance between the micro letter and Facebook.

share: microblogging Recommended | SAN official microblogging

(Yan Fei)

recent years, a series of mini-UAVs surfaced in the design of legislation based on the same principles of physics to flying insects. In 2007, there have been reports that the bizarre flying objects hovering over the anti-war protesters. The report sparked speculation that the U.S. government is secretly developing a machine on a reconnaissance mission insects. At that time, U.S. officials deny this speculation, given the strange object Dragonfly Retired Air Force colonel, unmanned aerial vehicle expert Tom - Ehehade was to accept the British

U.S. Air Force announced the insect-size robot spy, size and the Hornet, it is difficult to be found, you can fly into the building to the execution of the reconnaissance mission scientists have developed a biomimetic UAV, with the eyes of insects, the ears of bats, birds wings headline UAV CIA and U.S. Army armed UAVs, combat terrorists in Pakistan and other areas, sometimes causing casualties among innocent civilians. In contrast, the volume of high-tech unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, far less than the armed UAV, inspired by insects, using the remote control. The United States may in the future deployment of Micro Machines insects, to perform military reconnaissance missions.

the development program called SWARMS The enemy of the complex, dangerous and resource-constrained environment, perform reconnaissance missions. They only operator to carry out a small amount of manipulation or without operator directly supervise.

Oxford University zoologist Richard - Baomufeilei conducted a study to better understand how insect wings in the past 350 million years, evolving. In 2011, he said: possible addition to the considerable size and insects outside, this robot flying insect-like, at the same time with the surrounding environment. and then quickly took off. In the future, machine insects the facts show that they can make the crucial tactical advantage over the military in the war, but also can be used to save lives after a disaster. There is no doubt that the military developed a series of micro-robot that can fly into the caves and rooms with obstacles, real-time image returned inside and weapons.

the United States is not the only one developed a miniature unmanned reconnaissance aircraft States, other countries are also carried out such studies, such as France and the Netherlands. France has developed a biomimetic micro flapping wing UAV. 2011, the Netherlands BioMAV (Biomimetic Micro Air Vehicle, English acronym) project developed a product called Now, this UAV the form of a flight video game sales in the United States.

in 2008, the U.S. Air Force unveiled the mystery of insect-sized spy plane the size and Hornet, it is difficult to be found, flew into the building to take pictures, and even attack insurgents and terrorists. Around the same time, the Air Force also announced the so-called The Air Force said, the robot will be in service in 2015. The U.S. military announced its technology and equipment has been very careful, it can not help but doubt the military what the secret development of the number of machines insects. Recently, integrated robot automation perception research laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania demonstrated micro-UAV group of four rotor unmanned helicopter manufactured by 20 nanotechnology in formation flying, to keep pace.

a long time, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has been studying nano - Biomimetic Micro Air Vehicle. In 2008, the U.S. military research department held a seminar to discuss the bionic robot weapons. At present, U.S. researchers have developed a biomimetic UAV, with the eyes of insects, bat ears, bird wings, and even bees like hair, used to detect chemical and biological weapons and nuclear weapons.

Baomufeilei said: the robot can be scaled down, more like a Quidditch ball Harry - Potter film series, you can hover and drum wings. scientists are facing problems, the aircraft can not be circled, and the speed of the helicopter is too slow In addition, it is difficult to be scaled down the design by means of imitation of insects, all of these features can be integrated with the history of human flight is only a little more than 100 years, insects for up to 350 million years to master the more advanced flight technology is the insects, rather than our humanity. The robot can climb nearly 30 meters (Figure) designed by artists and hospice robot stroking the patients () 10 magical animal robots: machines squirrels fought rattlesnake underwater robots Quest Gulf of Mexico killed the 19th century shipwreck (Figure)

unmanned reconnaissance aircraft of the future will mimic the surrounding environment, so that the enemy is difficult to find. The researchers said the insects mechanical properties that can be Perfect physical features evolved after a long period of evolution,www.lhtoo.com, insects and other flying animals, have a surprising ability to fly, these features provide the inspiration for scientists.

since 2010, Apple has been conducting an international patent war, which is one of the attempts made by the company to limit the growth of the Google Android operating system. Currently, Android is the world's most popular mobile operating systems. At the same time, Apple's opponents point out that this is an overly aggressive use of its own patents to suppress competitors.

Po Sina had previously released a series of pre-judgment and dismissed the Motorola Mobile for the Apple initiated almost all patent claims, while retaining the more Apple charges for the Motorola mobile. This means that Apple in the trial proceedings will have more weight. The trial program was originally scheduled to start last week, but, Posi Na in the earlier this month to cancel the program at the time of promulgation of the provisional ruling said the two sides are unable to prove itself suffered damage due to patent issues. Po Sina argued that an injunction

Po Sina said, ordered to Motorola Mobile Apple pay a mandatory royalty may be a better choice. He pointed out that there is nothing to prevent Apple three months later to return to court, accusing Motorola Mobile still infringe the patent. Po Sina also said: ; reports: Apple Google Wednesday to attend the Motorola patent litigation hearing judge to agree that Apple held a lock-up Motorola products hearing judge to cancel the trial proceedings of the Apple and Motorola lawsuit Motorola intends to abandon the sea strategy: change to go apple-man line judge in the United States support for Apple touch screen patents, Motorola,www.lhtoo.com, or sentenced to infringement microblogging | SAN official microblogging

Motorola on Apple in October 2010 launched the allegations, a move widely seen as the pre-emptive strike. Subsequently, Apple is also the same year the same month, Motorola launched patent claims.

but in the last week, Po Sina approved Apple about to convene a hearing to review the need for the injunction request. In this case and the Motorola Mobile also asked the court to issue an injunction related to a patent.

Chicago Federal Judge Richard Posi Na, Richard Posner, in a hearing held today, to prohibit the injunction of the Motorola mobile phone sales Motorola Mobile will lead to Po Sina also questioned Apple a lot of the value of software patents, and pointed out that there is a serious systemic problems in the U.S. patent system. Po Sina said:

Apple Solicitor Matthew Powers (Matthew Powers), said at Wednesday's hearing, the company is not to seek the court issued an order to prohibit the sale of Motorola's mobile phone; if the Court prohibited make to order the Motorola mobile phone within three months from removing Apple's proprietary technology, then Apple will be satisfied.

SAN SAN FRANCISCO, June 21 morning, at the hearing held on Wednesday about Apple and Google (microblogging) patent war, a judge of the U.S. Apple asked Google's Motorola (microblogging) The mobile sector has issued an injunction application has made a strong questioned.

Xi Guohua at GSMA said that development needs. between Internet companies and Internet companies should be more cooperation, win-win. agile development


It is reported by the depth of cooperation, China Mobile and partners are not involved in direct commercial benefit sharing.

this year, China Mobile Central Purchasing the number of terminals in about 30 million. For the above three companies, it means easy access to the resources of the operators. UC excellent, as relying on the product features directly to seize the operators of the

era of mobile Internet industry chain parties is through the integration of content, networks, platforms, terminals and other resources to consolidate their own position.

According to the UC excellent, as the chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu (microblogging), after the start of this collaboration, tailored to the pre-installed. This means that the future of China Mobile contract machine users to get the phone without having to download you can use UC browser Internet.

June 20, 2009, the Mobile Asia Expo held in Shanghai (GSMA), China Mobile announced that reached a strategic cooperation with UC priority depending on the Sina microblogging and Sohu input method, the depth of integration of the chain resources.

It is reported that China Mobile, the overall response strategy is: smart pipe + open platform + features business + friendly interface. and efficient Internet experience to build easy to use, easy to use, intelligent messaging pipeline.

It is reported that China Mobile for the first time the pre-installed channels open to a third party. Liu Xin, vice president of mobile data, two years, the Chinese operator's ecological environment is undergoing profound changes, China Mobile According to data disclosed by the chairman of China Mobile, Xi Guohua, the GSMA conference in 2011, global mobile data traffic growth of more than 70 percent in recent years, mobile data traffic growth rate of more than 150%, is expected the next few years will be maintained kinds of speed. maintain a good balance between the cost of network construction and operation, is a common problem faced by operators around the world. does not involve direct commercial interests into.


Microsoft (microblogging), etc., are also will be the case, including Chinese operators. hit the move, said the win the price war is no good move by the FTNS licenses almost a foregone conclusion the Ministry of Industry to prevent malicious competition in the mobile base new regulations OIA double-edged sword: the assessment rate of complaints in the mobile video business traffic into the new regulatory partners confirmed microblogging Recommended | SAN official microblogging >> More

to avoid the risk of

on the above three companies, which undoubtedly is an important win-win cooperation. In the era of mobile Internet, customers no longer care about the technical background of the products or services, more care can meet the demand. Integration of resources, and strive to become the first entrance of the user's Internet companies are trying to direction.

of course, into the operator's list of custom applications is not easy. According to Yu Yongfu, these three applications, through an open tender and fierce after winning the competition and other competitive products.

It is understood that the UC browser, the monthly number of active users in 2012 exceeded 200 million with China Mobile, the direct increase to 30 million the number of users. In addition, the maintained brands independence, through the cooperation with China Mobile, but also deepen the brand awareness.

Keep an open mind by all parties learn from each other and the industry chain, common to enlarge and strengthen the entire industry,www.lhtoo.com.


operators as the core value chain era is gone forever. Diversified competing operators, Internet service providers, terminal manufacturers, no one can do without.

past data and experience gradually prove the feasibility of this idea. It is reported that by the end of 2010, the UC excellent, as with China Telecom (microblogging) custom browser Cooperation, issued a In addition, Sina, Tencent and other leading Internet company also has to cooperate with China Telecom. From January 2011 to July 2011, China Telecom's data traffic is accounted for rapid increase from 6% to 12%.

Yuan Wei,

It is understood that China Mobile Central Purchasing terminal, will be bundled with tailored and customized products.

the same time, China Mobile will be the official channels, including mobile MM, to promote the product.

from a global perspective, the traditional telecom business trend of slower growth, the endless stream of new Internet technologies, new applications is accelerating instead of including traditional voice, SMS and MMS communication services.

March this year, internationally renowned research institutions in the Arbitron Mobile released data show that long on a per capita monthly effective use of mobile Internet users in China, UC browser to 266 separated the various types of applications, more than 138 minutes of chat application mobile QQ. Sina microblogging mobile client in 89 minutes long also to the forefront. Depth bundled these three companies is expected to continue to strengthen the dominant position of the product.

However, the effective integration of people after the establishment of the new company or the combined resistance. , According to internal staff, internal integration has begun, the F group occupy a dominant position.

Following the the Jingdong open buy platform, handle to withdraw the IPO application, two of Tencent investment buy site F group and friends network (microblogging) is seeking capital merger.

Capital consolidation


optimistic, he also believes that buy domestic M & A wave has only just begun.

2011 in domestic buy the most crazy, the top ten buy site monthly average loss of 3 million to $ 4 million. Financial strength backing, buy site it is difficult to achieve rapid growth in the market.

a friends house staff, told reporters that since May, the F group responsible for the sales staff of checks sent HR and other operational staff to friends, does not meet the requirements of high-Ban sales staff will be layoffs. In the new structure of the company, HR is also appointed by the F group.

in the first half of silence, change in the situation of the domestic buy industry is quietly launched.

Ai Media CEO Zhang Yi buy Resources In addition, after an enormous amount of market launch of the 2011 buy industry, the consumer environment has been formed for the financial strength of the employers and the platform side, but also a good

domestic buy M & A wave of view has also been a recognition of Jingdong Mall, vice president Zhang Shouchuan. He believes that after last year's He also revealed that, Jingdong Mall is not ruled out to commence the possibility of mergers and acquisitions of domestic buy.

anonymity, industry insiders said that by the F group as the dominant of the integration of co-ordination is not difficult to understand. Gao Peng of the internal management more complex operations in the past year, compared with F group made less effective.

In addition to the capital will buy the site of the merger, but also because the buy side the multiplication of the scale, and enhance the right to speak to the businesses, and thus easier to obtain low-cost, improve gross profit.

data prior to the merger, for example, domestic buy advisory body group 800 data show that in April of this year, the F group completed monthly sales of 123 million yuan, ranking sixth in domestic independent buy high friends only completion of the sale of 23 million yuan.

by the merger, Tencent stake will increase to nearly 50 percent, and high friends other investors the Groupon, cloud front funds will also participate in the new company, but held shares would be diluted.

mergers and acquisitions or to buy the industry trend

domestic buy the first M & F Group and friends to seek merger

share:> Related reports: Gao Peng F group moves to the F group to explore cooperation in F group said it would cooperate with the depth of the high friends: specific proposal has yet to determine the high-Pen Deluxe team defeated China: cooperation with the F group or deposit drawbacks micro Bo recommend | SAN official microblogging

coincidence, on the eve of May this year, Gao Peng network management to streamline and exchange transfusion, high friends and former CEO Yang Chengjian, former COO and BBC leave, Gaopeng net charge by the founding staff of high-Gap successor. This is considered to reduce human resistance for the post-merger integration. It is reported that the new company after the merger, Gao Xia will be responsible for the high-Ban brand operation of the network.

buy the industry, capital will tend to play a more important role. Du Yinan team and capital synergies will determine the future trend of buy.

Informed sources recently told First Financial Daily (microblogging), Ning will be the new group CEO of the company.

It is understood that the friends of the passengers priced at 150 yuan, the customer unit of the F group in the 80 to 100 yuan. Therefore, after the merger, the high friends always has the advantage of high-end market is mainly responsible for developing the F group is mainly focused on the common white-collar users.

two companies merge, the F group and friends will serve as two separate and distinct sub-brands exist and retain their own domain name. Both sides of the sales team will merge under the new company, the future will be a unified sales team, depending on the brand positioning,www.lhtoo.com, business filling.

according to informed sources in the F group and friends of the merger, the common investor Tencent has played a decisive role. There have been reports had said the transaction will be the acquisition by the F group, Tencent held Gaopeng shares and F group formed by Tencent to the value of cash holdings. However, the relevant aspects have not been confirmed.

electricity observers Luzhen Wang, due to the large number of domestic buy site homogeneity serious, so buy the site to merchants only 5% to 8% rate increase is difficult to see profits.

Zhao Liqing

In addition, the promotion of the capital and buy the originator of Groupon before listing last year, sales as a to valuation core standards. Some domestic buy site in order to rapidly expand the scale, stable market share, also had followed the chase capital.


users interested in the lack of

the first quarter of this year, Nokia sold in North America 600 000 phone, 500 000 in the fourth quarter of last year. At the same time, due to higher selling prices, revenues from these products ring up 75%. However, in the first quarter of this year, the North American market, sales still account for only 2% of Nokia's total global sales.

downward trend in the latest term CEO Stephen Elop (Stephen Elop), under the leadership of

, Nokia launched with AT & T and T-Mobile U.S. cooperation Lumia series phone reverse

Nelson is a professional director, she also has a seat on the board of Autodesk and other companies. Will Dawkins (Will Dawkins,), a headhunting firm Spencer Stuart UK board services director, said that Nokia chose Nelson in order to strengthen the business in the U.S. West Coast, while the U.S. is an extremely important market for Nokia. (Li)

Nokia retail and sales operations director Matt Roth Rothschild by Matt Rothschild, said in an interview, the relocation of the North American headquarters will give the employees the Venture's atmosphere and the challengers attitude Through the establishment of the

However some stores, such as near the T-Mobile store, Nokia employees found that the recent listing of Lumia 710 mobile phone is placed in a prominent position, from Samsung (microblogging) and HTC mobile phones get more impressions. Do not need to go far from home, Nokia executives will be able to find a lot of people are not interested in Nokia's new phone.

, thus reversing the previous downward trend.


Nokia (microblogging) a year ago to establish an office in Silicon Valley, which makes the Nokia closer to third-party developers. Previously, these developers have a large number of applications developed for the iPhone and Android phones. Nokia hopes to attract more applications for Windows Phone platform, and the future development of their faith in the the Lumia series phone.

a recent workday, from other companies, software developers flocked to the Nokia is a spacious hall, was then taken to a conference room named One-floor coffee shop selling Peets coffee with tomato particles Marin, Sun Farms, sirloin row, while the TV is playing a soccer game in England and Ukraine. Many employees wear boots and jeans.

in Santa Clara, California Westfield Valley Fair store, the 18-year-old freshman student Qiaona Sang Lamb, Jonathan Lamb, and friends are queuing up outside Microsoft's latest retail store. Lamb carrying the iPhone, and want to participate in a marketing campaign for the store. If he can prove his iPhone faster than the Nokia Lumia 900 speed, then will receive $ 1,000 in prize money.

Chur the temperature 德·哈 Moore Kulvinder Hummel, the

Rothschild has worked at Nokia for 14 years. In order to meet the activities of the the Nokia army Rothschild is also the Sun Valley headquarters and met with many third-party developers. For example, last week he was invited to a golf company Caddy, CEO of Plus, to discuss the introduction of the possibility of applications in Nokia / Microsoft ecosystem.

from Santa Cruz, California is considering whether to give up the Motorola Razr, for many years to switch to smart phones. She is currently considering to switch to iPhone or Lumia phone. Of the two, she was more inclined to the iPhone.

in this activity, the Nokia employees have access to food and coffee, and the sales staff to interact with potential buyers of mobile phones. The dialogue between them and consumers often revolve around the Nokia applications, such as mobile phones pre-installed navigation system.

She said: She had had to give up the iPod to switch to Microsoft's Zune music player, but in the end the Zune performance is not good.

Nokia lost contact with the Silicon Valley with fatal consequences. 2003, in North America, Nokia sold 32.4 million mobile phones, nearly 20% of the total global sales. In recent years, however, Nokia has been due to lack of competitiveness gradually withdrawing from the North American market. In 2011, Nokia sold in North America, 3.9 million mobile phones, less than 1 percent of global sales.

Even Nokia practice people feel too far, but the good reasons. Over the years, Nokia's North American headquarters is located in White Plains, New York State, away from the industry's innovation center in Silicon Valley. Analysis Nokia lost market leadership in the United States, can be found from the Silicon Valley Apple played a significant role.

Nokia's flagship model Lumia 900 this month, has just landed the U.S. market

In order to further strengthen the links with the Silicon Valley, Nokia Board of Directors has been adjusted. The Annual General Meeting on May 3, Macromedia former chief financial officer Elizabeth Nelson Elizabeth Nelson, was elected for the Nokia directors. Nelson had worked eight years at Hewlett-Packard (microblogging), and subsequently joined the Macromedia. The company was acquired by Adobe in 2005.

he eventually found Lumia 900 speed is indeed faster than the best performance of the iPhone. But he is still unwilling to give up their iPhone. He said that the iPhone is easy to use and has a large number of off-the-shelf applications, and therefore more cost-effective, Windows Phone mobile phone is quite boring.

According to Nokia's plans, the more than 1000 North American employees will enter the retail outlets, such as AT & T stores in major shopping malls,www.lhtoo.com. This activity has been carried out in a number of cities to Chicago from Alaska Tuscaloosa.

the Board to adjust

following is the text of the article:

moved to Silicon Valley

Lead: foreign media article today that said, Nokia is to Nokia hopes to create a

share:> Related: Nokia executives said that will not cut investment in China R & D and Nokia's commitment to continue to develop the Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 8 will Nokia bring a tough third quarter with Finnish Prime Minister: Government does not buy Nokia stock microblogging | SAN official microblogging

SAN Beijing June 21 morning , Facebook announced Wednesday that Like button will be integrated into third - party mobile applications , user preferences pushed to the Facebook Newsfeed information flow . the

Facebook said in a blog , as Instagram and Foursquare partners have integrated this feature . When you see favorite pictures in Instagram or Foursquare , click the Like button the picture is pushed to the Facebook, Newsfeed . If the owner of this picture happens to be the user's Facebook friends , he will also receive a Facebook notification .

although this is already on the site launched, but the mobile applications had been unable to deploy . Facebook said that developers can create your own Like button . However, in order to avoid privacy concerns , the Like button push activity must obtain user authorization, but can not share the content rating . If you have a self- customized Like button , Facebook's official service must be changed within 90 days ,www.lhtoo.com.

The move is part of the Facebook OpengGraph plan aims to expand Facebook 's content sharing range . The company last year to integrate a number of music and video content providers , application, activities outside the Facebook Web site can automatically share to Facebook, Newsfeed . (Book Yu ) share :> Related reports : survey said more than 60% of U.S. companies using Facebook reports that Facebook user visits , the United States in May continued to decline Yahoo says it is working with Facebook to expand the patent infringement settlement negotiations Facebook Advertising was Coca-Cola and Ford recognized microblogging | SAN official microblogging

yesterday, Alibaba formally from the privatization of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange delisting. Previously, Ali Group has invested nearly $ 19 billion to Alibaba privatization price of HK $ 13.5 per share to repurchase all the shares of the remaining shareholders to be canceled, the repurchase price than the announced privatization of the last 60 trading before the suspension the average daily closing price premium of 60.4%, compared with 55.3% of the suspension before the most recent 10 trading day average closing price premium.

yesterday (June 20), Alibaba HKEx listed tour came to an end. Earlier,www.lhtoo.com, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Alibaba Group Jack Ma said Ali Group will be listed as a whole, including the Ali Group, wholly owned by Alibaba, Taobao, Lynx (microblogging), Amoy, Ali cloud and Yahoo, the news yesterday confirmed. At this point, the line surface of the Alibaba Group.

payment of Po has been wholly owned by Alibaba Group Jack Ma in 2011 will pay go to its holding in a domestic company, and Yahoo reached an agreement: payment will be listed when Ali Alibaba Group is a one-time payment of 37.5 percent of the market value of (date) the cash return to the IPO price.

Licheng Dong, Ali Group, the largest one has no longer a B2B business, the current Lynx Taobao development of more promising, completely Alibaba control of the company's management structure will be more clear, this is very favorable to Ali Group.

clear before the business model does not consider listing

after the delisting, Alibaba, the most rapid development momentum of the Group to pay the company the fate of much concern. Peng Lei, CEO of Alipay Alipay does not Ali Group's other business package, it will seek a separate listing.

is worth noting that in the last month, Yahoo announced the sell back 30% of the Ali Group equity, which means that Alipay listed, Yahoo acquired an interest or will be reduced by half.

Value source of profit. mode transition, faced with various pressures in the capital markets, delisting may be more conducive to enterprise development.

payment: Welcome to the peers to join

He also disclosed that the privatization of B2B business one of the biggest reasons is premature curing of the B2B business model, but do after 13 years of e-commerce came to understand, the electricity supplier has only just begun, in before the entire business model is clear, Ali Group does not consider the market.

iResearch analyst Wang Weidong said in an interview with the payment services, Peng Lei But she also stressed that reported: Alibaba delisted Internet companies to advance and retreat of the stock market more rational Alibaba Alibaba, today painted a period of the HKEx delisting the past five years, listed tour today HKEx delisted from the Hong Kong industry capital repurchase tide since Ma is facing new challenges: Alibaba the rapid growth of micro-Bo Recommended | SAN official microblogging >> more

Alibaba chief of staff, said Alibaba Group after privatization will be conducted business combing integration, B2B business will be according to the dominant ideas growth and the future will open up Taobao buyers to B2B manufacturer the whole chain, this process is expected to take two to three years.

after delisting, Alibaba, the fate of its most rapid payment of concern. Now it seems that the separate listing of Alipay has become a fact of iron nails. Peng Lei, CEO of Alipay, said in an interview package Alipay does not Ali Group's other businesses will seek a separate listing, listing the time and place, she did not disclose.

for trade rumors Lynx Mall will be early at the Jingdong Mall listing, Alibaba B2B business director of public relations Gujian Bing said the no longer independent split. Zeng Ming

reasons for the privatization, Alibaba said in the statement, which is the need for transformation of business strategy, and realized investment income to the minority shareholders. But the industry is the B2B industry downturn, Alibaba takes into account the problem of restructuring.

industry speculation, the Alibaba Group, will be listed as a whole before 2015. B2B business of the company's director of public relations the Gujian Bing will be listed as a whole, confirmed in an interview with reporters, but he did not disclose the specific listing of the time and place.

Tao force by reporter Zhao from Shanghai

payment of the identity of the foreign capital treasure to go to buy back Yahoo stake, Alibaba (microblogging) privatization of the seemingly difficult chess game being Ma (microblogging) a step by step to resolve.


Foxconn chairman Terry Gou

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21 morning news , Foxconn chairman Terry Gou said , the next generation iPhone will be the winner in the competition in the smartphone market , Samsung ( microblogging ) the Galaxy III thoroughly discredited . He urged consumers to look forward to the release of this new cell phone rumors Apple will launch the next generation iPhone this fall .

Gou still held on Monday , Foxconn Annual General Meeting confirmed that the company has reached an agreement with Sharp and commitment through this latest partnership in the next three to five years to beat Samsung . As previously reported , the the Gou life goal is to defeat the Samsung ,www.lhtoo.com.

Gou said to the shareholders of the Company , Foxconn 's Sakai factory and Corning reached an exclusive agreement to produce next-generation liquid crystal displays .

Foxconn is responsible for the assembly of products such as Apple's iPhone and iPad , in addition to OEM Microsoft ( microblogging ) Xbox game console and Sony PlayStation . Gou also said that Microsoft Surface Tablet PC using the company 's advanced technology and high-definition display . Gou , Foxconn is working with Sharp and CMO cooperation , R & D to low radiation doses , high-definition display and eye control technology . ( Tang wind ) share : > related reported : Gou deny holding Sharp rumors Gou said not reach the hearts of the target does not retire did not spend should spend the money Gou : Samsung with its competitors , said Terry Gou , Foxconn, Apple will split the working conditions to improve the cost microblogging Recommend | SAN official microblogging

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